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An intimate all inclusive, all day sailing cruise on a large and spacious private sailing catamaran to Espiritu Santo Island; a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2005 and a national Park since 2007. 

The island has numerous beautiful bays with turquoise crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and inlets abundant with marine life. From friendly sea lions to tropical fish, sea turtles, mobula rays and dolphins, the island has it all.

This premier island adventure is loved by all. Some prefer to stay aboard enjoying a variety of cold drinks while being pampered by the crew. Others enjoy boarding our large stable snorkel boat to explore remote beaches, bays, and coves. There are multiple quiet beaches, surrounded by mangroves, and fascinating rock formations. We include kayaks, snorkel gear, fishing equipment, water toys, wetsuits, even reef-friendly sunscreen, along with a chef, meals, and open bar, an island guide and so much more. We have private bathrooms, fresh-water showers, towels, snacks, bottled water, sodas, and just about anything you might want. We are truly:


Your tour with Baja Charters typically includes ground transportation from the Cabo area to La Paz. (Our primary offices are in La Paz, but we also have an office on the Cabo marina.)

The southern gulf islands have a fantastic history of pearl harvesting that was centered at Isla Espiritu Santo. Pearl farms were established in various bays of the surrounding islands. Queen Elizabeth II visited the city of La Paz in February of 1983 to receive a large local pearl as a gift. The huge pearl from Isla Espiritu Santo is now part of the Crown Jewels. A short review of areas of the island are included below. 

Caleta Partida, Ensenada el Cardinal, Ensenada Grande, Los Islotes

Caleta Partida is the southern point of Isla Partida almost touching Isla Espiritu Santo. Caleta Partida is the crater of a large, extinct volcano that eroded below sea level with a large reef. A sand bar connects the two islands at low tide, making for an interesting walk about. At high tide taking a small service boat across to the west side of the island can be a real adventure. Ensenada el Cardinal is a long bay almost dividing the island. On both sides are steep cliffs separated by azure blue water and white sand. Ensenada Grande is reported to have been voted by two travel magazines as the most beautiful beach in all of Mexico. Los Islotes is a small island to the north of Partida. It is home to a friendly sea lion colony of over 200 permanent members. Because of the interplay these sea lions have with humans, and the clarity of the water, this is an oft visited spot by both cruising boats and charter boats.

San Rafaelito, Balandra, San Gabriel, and Playa Bonanza

San Rafaelito hosts a friendly sea Lion colony, coral heads and tropical fish. Balandra is the first bay in Mexico to receive the rating of EXCELLENT. It includes five distinct beaches in its outer banks. San Gabriel is a former pearl and oyster-bay, with a pristine white sand beach. A short hike across the island from San Gabriel takes you to Bonanza Bay, the least visited and longest beach on the island. At one end of Bonanza bay there is a reef and outstanding snorkel areas with massive numbers of colorful tropical fish.

Puerto Ballena, Isla Gallo, Isla Gallina, and Isla Ballena

Puerto Ballena, (Whale Port), is a subset of three separate bays: Ensenada la Gallina, Ensenada el Gallo, and Ensenada de la Raza. Puerto Ballena is stunning for its turquoise waters, coral heads, mangroves, and striated cliff sides. These three bays offer outstanding snorkeling options, and are beautiful beyond description. The Mexican Navy intentionally sunk the 184’ Fang Ming and the 118’ Lapas N03 a few hundred meters off shore in this area. Both have evolved into magnificent false reefs providing outstanding scuba options.


8 Hour tour on large and spacious sailing catamaran, Ground Transportation, Captain, Chef, Certified Guide, Chef prepared meals, Typically, a marine biologist as hostess, Snorkel gear in various sizes, Sodas and Beer, Unlimited Open Bar, Bottled Water, Beach towels, Bracelets for natural protected parks, Reef-friendly sunscreen



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